Early Childhood

School Years

After High School

Early Career

The Pathway

The Spark Pathway plots the course of a young person’s journey from prenatal to career, with plenty of guideposts along the way. The Pathway is not just a guide for youth, but for all members of the community with an interest in seeing that youth have successful journeys. Its goals rest on research-based competencies and experiences, as reported by young people themselves, as well as key transition points where we know students must be on target developmentally to have the best shot at long-term success. And that’s what the Pathway is all about.

Our Goals

Everyone will:

  • Be prepared for school
  • Be supported inside and outside of school
  • Feel accepted
  • Demonstrate competency or mastery at current learning level
  • Enroll in and complete a degree, certification or other training program after high school
  • Develop skills to live, work and thrive in an ever changing world

Everyone will have access to:

  • A stable relationship with an involved parent or caregiver
  • The arts, physical activity and healthy living
  • High quality out-of-school programs and activities
  • Meaningful connections to the community
  • Relationships that support mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being
  • Guidance and direction from parents, caring adults, teachers, counselors, and advisors
  • Technology and the skills necessary to use it to achieve goals