Congratulations to the kids of the Deer River Boys and Girls club for reaching 10,060 minutes of reading! And thanks to Chad Evans for penning this post. His enthusiasm is contagious!

Boys and Girls Club of the Leech Lake AreaWe are excited about our reading program and how the kids are so accepting of participating in it!

The King School with Reading Corps, Americorps has developed a School Wide Reading Challenge.  Each student has a goal to read at least 20 minutes a day during out of school time.  The students are recognized for individual reading time accomplishments as well as classroom and several classrooms combined into two teams (the Blue team and the Gold team).  There are incentives for the students to read and turn in their reading minutes, such as a root beer float party and maybe doing something fun and silly to Mrs. Galatz.  Also, for individual reading goal achievements the students are recognized.

My challenge to the Boys and Girls Club youth is to double their reading time goal!  By reading while at the Boys and Girls Club and at home for 20 minutes each.  It has been very exciting to see the kids dive into their books everyday and they continually check up on us to ensure we are documenting their minutes.  When the kids read we ask some to write a summary of what they read or we “quiz” them and it is quite rewarding when they understand what they have read and there is nothing better to see than a PROUD CHILD!  Several of our kids are choosing to read for an hour each day and many  of them come in grab a snack and sit down with their book!

My long term goal is to see improved MCA scores and fluency and comprehension levels increase and I believe it will be achieved.  We have high expectations for these kids and they are working hard to live up to them!