The achievement gap is a constant top of mind concern for educators across the state. This story from Marshall provides statewide information, including a good overview of the Multiple Measurement Ratings (MMR – replaced the No Child Left Behind federal measure) before diving into how Marshall is addressing their gap. Their strategies include using the MMR to isolate data in a variety of ways to analyze and make improvements, serving free breakfast, providing after school programming and having a minority advocate who engages with families and are all showing good results.

This message comes towards the end of the story and acknowledges that success for all our kids depends on the ability to implement flexible solutions:

Some education experts believe that making early childhood education a priority can be key in closing the achievement gap…  Others suggest that all-day, every-day kindergarten, quality teachers and positive community support can help make a huge difference. But one thing is certain: no two schools, like no two children, are completely alike.

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