3 12, 2018

Youth Voices Survey results to be presented this week

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The release of the 2018 Youth Voice survey report is just around the corner!  The Survey was first completed in 2014.  (You can learn more about it here).  The design and development of the survey varied from the previous one administered in 2014.  The changes in this year’s survey were based on crucial input from students, school representatives, and community [...]

26 11, 2018

Civics students are change-makers

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As we start to gear up for the release of the 2018 Youth Voice survey data (reports for this survey will be available in December – stay tuned!), we wanted to take a closer look at how the data from the 2014 survey has been analyzed and used by students. A key priority identified in the 2014 survey was the [...]

14 11, 2018

Positive Impacts of Itasca Networks for Youth

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The most common response among members regarding Itasca Networks for Youth’s value to Itasca County is: “How the network was able to create opportunities for programs to collaborate and have open discussions, ultimately eliminating or reducing siloed programming.” Members say prior to the formation of Itasca Networks for Youth there was a culture where there were “turf wars” and limited [...]

7 11, 2018

Itasca Networks for Youth – committed to forming partnerships

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Itasca Networks for Youth was formed in the late 2000’s to develop a collaboration or network for out-of-school time providers to share programming that was offered in different organizations. Organizations felt a network would be beneficial to help reduce program scheduling conflicts, create partnerships, develop networking opportunities, increase awareness of local programs and continue to support youth beyond Invest Early™ [...]

1 11, 2018

SPARK in action through Itasca Network’s for Youth

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Itasca Networks for Youth committed to continuous improvement of afterschool programs Across the nation, nearly one-fifth of children in the United States attend public schools in rural communities.  Youth-serving organizations that provide out-of-school time programming for these kids face many barriers. The vast geography of the county, the economic struggles, cultural differences and the varying school district sizes all create [...]

24 10, 2018

Fresh survey results this fall – Itasca Area youth taking the Youth Voice Survey this fall

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Communities will soon learn how a focus on providing positive, sustained connections with youth is paying off.  Itasca Area youth are taking the Youth Voice Survey again this fall.  Results will be shared publicly in late November. SPARK is committed to ensuring every young person in the Itasca Area has what they need to be successful.  Positive, well-rounded, and trustworthy [...]

11 10, 2018

How can we help all Itasca area youth succeed?

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SPARK – from 2014 survey results to action Imagine if youth in the Itasca Area felt valued and supported by all – family, school and community to reach their full potential. In fact, a group of community members has been working to make that vision a reality.  The work began with a series of community conversations hosted by the Itasca [...]

2 05, 2017

Beyond the Family — SPARKing strong connections for youth

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Spring is finally here.  And with the freshness that Spring brings, SPARK has taken a fresh look at our work. The leaders and residents of the Itasca Area are committed to building stronger futures for all young people who grow up here.  One way each and every adult can be part of that vision is to connect with young people [...]

21 02, 2017

Grand Rapids 9th graders SPARK continued action.

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In December we reported on the efforts in Grand Rapids High School 9th grade class rooms to take learning from the Youth Voices survey data and move forward project they care about.  You can read more about that event here.   From District #318: Students analyzed data about our community gathered in the 2014 Itasca Area Youth Survey. They chose a [...]