Nikki Frick

Grand Rapids High School senior Nikki Frick gives an inspiring talk, based on her own as well as others’ struggles to transition into college and the job market in an uncertain economy.

Thanks to Jaci David for penning this post about yesterday’s TEDxYouth@1000Lakes.

The Reif Center buzzed with evidence of Student Success on Monday as area youth produced the Itasca Area’s first TEDxYouth@1000Lakes event.   Event organizers aligned with global TEDYouth Day to produce TEDxYouth@1000Lakes, a day planned by area youth for area youth to explore ideas worth spreading around the theme “Kids These Days.”

The line-up for the day’s event can be found at the TEDxYouth@1000Lakes home page.   With 100 area high school students in attendance, and an impressive line-up of youth and adults presenting talks, the message was clear:  “Kids these days” are reason to celebrate.

Our Itasca Area communities are vibrant because of our area youth.  Talent took center stage through music and poetry, and our youth challenged us all (adults and peers) to take risks and follow our dreams.  Emily LaPlant reminded us through her music and her words that “our uniqueness is something to be cherished.”  Nikki Frick challenged everyone to take on the challenges of life reminding the audience “opportunities to fail are also opportunities to succeed”.  Emma Fowler continued to challenge the audience to live a life of no regrets.  We need an occupation, but a life of work only lacks living.

Talks and images from the event will be posted on website within the next couple of weeks.