Last week over 400 people involved in the national Strive Together Cradle to Career convened in San Diego CA for their 5th annul conference, Making Waves: Actions that Move Outcomes.  Among the attendees were area leaders Judy Lundquist, Nick Pretasky, Isaac Meyer and Jaci David. Along with Terri Sullivan from the Search Institute, the group presented a breakout session titled, “An emerging model for broad-based community engagement — lessons from Rural Minnesota”.  

Using a “fishbowl” technique, the group brought attendees into a discussion about local learnings in collecting data and preparing communities to work with the information once collected. The presentation was well received with some really great conversations. The three “big ideas”  presented from the emerging model were: 

  • Youth as equal partners in the work
  • Alignment emerges from the grass roots
  • Governance is accountable to the community, not holding the community accountable.

More about the conference is posted on the Striving for Change Blog. Here’s a short video about the movement that puts our local work in context. Watch for the Itasca Area Initiative for Student Success logo!

StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network – Making Waves from Knowledgeworks on Vimeo.