With the Core Team travelers back from the Strive Network Convening in Milwaukee, Jaci David offers up one learning from the trip. More to come…

Strive approach of collective impact aligns multiple partners to bring about student success for all.  While the Strive approach has developed, a growing number of communities and regions have developed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) networks to address the shortage of individuals with the skills necessary to fill high tech jobs.

What are the synergies between Strive and STEM?  With the Student Success initiative’s commitment to the Strive approach in full swing, and the efforts to develop a Minnesota STEM Network well underway, it’s time to think carefully about how to integrate the two so all our kids succeed.

A workshop at the Strive convening, called “Strive + STEM = Success2”focused on ways to bring collective action to these initiatives.  While the Itasca Area Pathway to Student Success doesn’t specifically site STEM, we know that if our students are to “Develop skills to live, work and thrive in an ever changing world” we need to actively engage those working to improve STEM (or STEAM – “A” for art, or even STREAM – “R” for recreation) education for our kids.  No matter what the initiative, we are all working to make our kids successful.