Framework for building a cradle to career civic infrastructureThe Itasca Area Initiative for Student Success is a member of StriveTogether.

Building upon lessons learned across over 90 Network members, StriveTogether developed a framework for building what is called the Cradle to Career Civic Infrastructure. The Cradle to Career Civic Infrastructure is not a program, but a way in which a community comes together around a Cradle to Career vision and organizes itself to identify what gets results for children; improves and builds upon those efforts over time; and invests the community’s resources differently to increase impact.

This framework has guided the IAISS’s work.

In this new video, StriveTogether Managing Director Jeff Edmondson explains how the organization works with and supports communities, ours included, to build a Cradle to Career Civic Infrastructure. If you would like to learn more about the Itasca Area Initiative for Student Success, or invite us to give a presentation to your organization, contact blaplant (at)