Itasca Networks for Youth (INY) builds high quality afterschool programs for all kids in the greater Itasca Area.

In 2016, INY adopted the quality principles described in “Believe it. Build it.  Minnesota’s Guide to Effective Afterschool Practices.”  You can learn more about the guide here.  By adopting these principles, INY is dedicated to recognizing the wide variety of ways and places young people learn and places that young people will find their SPARK in the afterschool time. INY

INY wants to map all the places in the Greater Itasca Area where our young people are being supported afterschool.

Take a look at these two google maps.

Grand Rapids out-of-school programs

Itasca Area out-of-school programs

INY has mapped their partner programs, however there are so many more.  When you see one we’ve missed, follow this link and tell us.